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Who Is Paint Biz Scale?

Paint Biz Scale is a movement for all painting contractors to get more traction, expand their operations and build wildly profitable businesses.

Founded by experts in lead generation for painting contractors, we have worked with hundreds of contractors, creating hundreds of successful painting businesses and helping many contractors earn a six-figure income or more. We accomplish this through our proprietary system automation that is designed to help you get more estimate requests without paying for low-quality leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we get charged per lead?

No! We do not work like that. We do not charge per lead or per contact information.

Do I have to pay commission?

No! We only charge a fixed price to deliver our service.

is there a contract that I have to stay with your services?

No! There is no contract and no obligation to stay with us.

How does it work?

We will get you jobs in your city. Your charge your price. You get payment. We don’t charge commission. We don’t suggest what you should charge.

Does it have a guarantee?

Yes! We offer a guarantee for our services. Signed by us and sent to your email. If we don’t deliver results, we refund 100%.

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